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Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Can Your Marriage Survive a Yard Sale"

Today is a big day in Lincoln Vermont. It is the 21 annual Town Wide Yard Sale. That's right 21 years of the small town recycling movement where you are obligated to go from neighbor to neighbor purchasing items that you can have for your own sale two years down the road.

Now not everyone gets the process. That's right! There are those who go to the sales just because they have never seen a particular house up close. Those who go for the social aspect. Those who are actually shallow enough to think they are actually going to keep the stuff. You name it. There are thousands of different reasons to go to this event.

For me I look forward to this every year except the years when we have our own sale. The days of preparation before hand and that dreaded day when I say to my wife.

"Let's sell the porcelain mouse with the top hat and laser beam eyes?"

"NO, we can't sell that. Great Gramma gave it to Aunt Sissy during the depression"

"Now that I have a pacemaker and can't use a chain saw can we sell that?"

"NOO, I gave you that for Christmas 2005."

"Hey, why are you selling my Tony Orlando and Dawn album?"

"Because we don't have a record player."

"Can we sell the Life magazines from the early 1950's that were in our attic when we bought the house 29 years ago?"

"Noooo, they belong to Betty Charbanaw"

"Is she still Alive?"

"I don't know but if she is I am certain she will want them back"

As the day goes on the tension grows. The evil glances are exchanged. The cold silence gets colder. Until that final rush to rid yourself of all the unwanted items before the day ends. The thinking ahead to conserve energy when you become aware that you will have to move all those boxes back into the house. So you start reducing your prices in order to get them off your hands and that's when you see a sign.

"For Sale- one husband $3 or best offer"

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Robin said...

Cute! Yes, lawn sales and letting go of "stuff" can be a challenge. I'm sure your marriage will survive!