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Thursday, May 13, 2010

"What? Red Tomatos?"

One of the funniest quotes I ever heard from a neighbor was "I didn't know tomatoes were not suppose to be green... until I moved out of town"

I live in the mountains of Vermont where the weather can be more like the Arctic tundra so we have learned to adjust and adapt to what life gives us. This climate with its late spring frost and early fall frost does not lend itself to growing certain garden staples. One year we missed having a frost in every month by 2 days with last spring frost on July 4th and first fall frost on September 2nd. So what do we do? ...............Adapt and adjust.

It can be depressing to not see flowers after a long winter.... so what do we do? We plant them on top of the septic tank so that they bloom 3 weeks early

I can be discouraging to have the snowfall that we have.... So what do we do? When we hear the forecast for partly cloudy, we keep the snow shovel near by. Yes we sometime have to shovel partly cloudy here.

We have a tree stump that needs to be removed... so what do we do?....we poor salt water on it and let the porcupines chew it down to below ground level.

We have the same sayings as those in more temperate climates but once again we adapt and adjust.

"April showers bring.... mud season"

Now "May showers brings June flowers"

So why are we surprised that when we create a plan or vision we would have to adapt and adjust? One of my favorite saying from my Monday morning men's group is "Do you want to make God laugh... tell him your plan" So weather you are drafting a budget, planning your day, or being creative..... plan on this. In order to reap all the benefits your plan has to offer.... adapt and adjust.

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