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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

WARM- (Wise Ass Reflection Mode)

There are many assumptions made about artists- and one of the most common is that Artists are all bad at business. Here is a moment from my career- you can decide for yourself weather my business practices are good or bad.

I was out at the Basin Harbor Club painting some of their wonderful flower beds. it was a crisp morning when a heavy dew freshened the flowers. There was no music but the abundant birds and animals in that area filled in the gap with their song. The sky was high and as deep a blue as nature could provide. What a glorious office I have.

Then I became aware of a different sound. A not so pleasant sound. The sound of one of the guests on his cell phone berating a employee. It would come and go but always had the same tone. I could hear aggressive instructions for stock trades, boastful conversation about the person they just set straight, and more. Surrounded by all the beauty the club has to offer it was easy to block out what I was hearing but that did not last long. Next thing I knew Mr. AAA personality was standing right next to my canvas. This was the conversation we had:

"Do you have a business card? My wife loves your work" spoken in a firm, gruff, almost annoyed that he was sent to ask tone.

" Actually I don't even own business cards"

"Oh you artists you're all alike. No wonder you're all starving."

With this I went into WARM- wise ass reflection mode. I can't let this comment win. I need to speak out. Not just for myself but for all the artists of the world. I needed to make my point with a smile and curtiously. So I reached down into my pack and pulled out a note card with one of my paintings on it. On the back I have printed all my contact information and I said:

"These are my business cards. I get $2.50 a pieces for them.... How much do you get for your cards?"

He just smiled.... and I made my point

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