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Friday, May 21, 2010

"To Look Good... is to Feel Good"

We need to be aware of what the image is that we create or reinforce. We all have a image that we inherit or create but do me think about how we reinforce that image? Most of us never give it a second thought. Information we put out might be damaging and here is a life experience to show how this can happen.

We loaded our car in Vermont for a family vacation on Cape Cod. Well if you are a parent you know what the first question was that floated out from the back seat. "How long before we get there?"

I was aware that they really had no reference of time so it did not matter what I told them so I would answer 15 minutes. They asked at least a dozen more times to which I would answer the same answer- 15 minutes. Now my wife and I would smile every time and it became the family joke.

I did not consider that I was giving them bad information until one day we were heading to Burlington Vt. Burlington is about 40 minutes from home and we were half way there when out came the familiar question.

"How long before we get there?"

I gave my wife a smile and said "15 minutes."

Then from the back seat we heard "15 MINUTES? That's a long time...."

As Artist's we need to be aware of the image we have to over come. The generations of stories that have reinforced the belief that we only become famous after we die or all artist's starve. We only reinforce this information by complaining about financial matters or allow someone to take advantage of us in a financial transaction.

I have found that the easiest way to put a positive image on your career is to answer the question "Do you paint full time" with "Yes". You might not be making a living at it yet but if you are working more than 32 hrs a week it is full time. What has come from this is a sense that the person asking is impressed and treats you as a equal. Then it surprises me that it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy to which I soon become able to make a living at my work.

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