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Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Do a Good Deed Daily- Even if by Accident"

We all see the value of doing a good deed daily but there are times when we do so by accident. I just heard about a situation with one of my neighbors doing this.

My neighbor realized he needed wiper blades for his car so he stopped into the local auto parts store. After looking at the rack he realized he was overwhelmed with all the choices, so he asked the clerk to help him. With the usual conversation of make, model and type of blade he made his decision and purchased a nice set of blades.

Now, like most of us, this neighbor is very busy so instead of taking the blades home he walked out of the store and installed them on his car. Being a small town he had several people stop and visit, say hi, or give a gratuitous wave. With his job now complete he found a trash can and disposed of the old blades and packaging.

He walked back to his car, got in and turned the key but the car didn't start. Immediately he wondered what was wrong? Did he leave his lights on? What's the matter with his car. Then he smiled because he realized he had just done his good deed for the day....

What deed was that you might ask.....

After looking around he realized it wasn't his car....

So do your good deed for today... even if by accident

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