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Friday, May 7, 2010

"Do I Have To Write My Blog Today?....NO"

I have worked with youth for years. Scouts, little league, Sunday school, school visits and the like. When youth are asked to do anything there is a high percentage of time that they will respond with "Do I have to ............." fill in the blank. Because of one of the best sermons I have ever heard Rev. David Wood preach I always respond with "No you don't have get to"

All to often in life we see tasks as a chore and with a simple turn of phrase we can twist it to a positive. If we look at tasks as if we are privileged to do them... and we are, then we can jump in and feel good about it.

So when you hear or say statements like this:

Scout about to go to Vespers "Do I have to go to Vespers?" respond "No you don't have to go to vespers... you get to go to vespers"

Student asks teacher "Do I have to do this assignment" respond "No you don't have to do this assignment... you get to do this assignment"

Artist to self "Do I have to paint today?" self to artist "No you don't have to paint today... you get to paint today"

So when we feel the urge to avoid a task turn the phrase and get r' done.

Did I have to write this blog today? No I got to... and it was fun.

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