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Monday, May 10, 2010

"My Name is Reed.... and I'm a Athletic Supporter"

They say confession is good for to soul so what better way to start out my week, than with a confession.

"My Name is Reed...... and I am a Athletic Supporter"

Now as you can imagine this is hard for me to admit but there is a freeing in doing so. I came to this realization through a intervention of my own thoughts. If we understand that "Any behavior rewarded... gets repeated" then what am I rewarding.

So I sat on my couch watching the Red Sox vs Yankees game with the recall on the remote going back to the Celtics- Cavs game but wait there is the Bruins game. So now I need to remember one channel while going back and forth between the first two when I see a commercial for Nascar and sure enough its on a 4th channel. Oh no! Before I know it I realize I am addicted, but how did this happen. How come I didn't see it coming. Why am I glued to the set when I hear that Tiger Woods is injured with a bulging dick in his back? Oh, I mean disc! What have I become. How come I keep supporting the misguided behavior of a few who can throw well, hit well, or run well and I do not choose support the arts? DAMN!

True to 12 step formats I need to go to the people I have hurt and express my short comings.
I need to be aware of what I actually have control over and what is beyond my control and move forward . I need to be accountable for my actions. I need to take life one day at a time, one moment at a time with the realization I will always be a Athletic Supporter.

1) To all the people who want to see me create beautiful paintings I apologize for not filling that void in your life and promise to create again.

2) Although I want the "GOVERNMENT" to support the arts I realize that I am falling short myself by subscribing to NESN and not balancing that out with a good book, seeing a performance or dance, or paying to go to a museum.

3) Although it will be hard at first I will try to factor all my purchases through "how does this purchase support the Arts or my Community"?

Now to make sure I am accountable I need people to be watching me. To see if I am following through with the promises I have made today. To firmly remind me when I fall short and start to slip.

Boy, do I feel better now or what.....

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Anonymous said...

A good confession and yes shame on you for spending all that time watching Baseball . Especially if its any team but the Yankees LoL .
Tell you what . I've been wasting too much time posting on automotive websites so how about you slap me around if I go back to them and I'll slap you around if you go back to the Sports TV .
You get painting and I'll get back to playing .
And yes the slaps will have to be long distance but I'm sure with our combined creativity we can work out something effective .
Now get painting Dad Burn It ! Or like you said at least read a good book or listen to some good music . ( dare I recommend my CD's ? ) Heading back to the Guitar myself .


From My Easel said...

A accountability partner... I like it! Especially since we don't have to look each other in the eye...

Anonymous said...

You've got my email so feel free anytime .I'll start .

My name is Thom and I've become a habitual Automotive site poster . Three days clean and working on tomorrow .

From My Easel said...

My name is Reed... and do I really need to do this now? I maen it's the playoffs for Basketball and Hockey... Red Sox to play Yankees. Tiger is Hurt..... Ok Breathe, Breathe, Breathe.... HELP