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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"How does this work for Art?"

I do oil paintings for a reason. The English language escapes me. So I communicate with a image or picture. I do not have the time or desire to distinguish between there and their, where and were, or is it a or an before this word? Or is it "That Word"?

Here are a few statements I need help understanding.

For me the worlds most confusing question is "Are you related to your Mother?" I mean really!How many was can you answer this?

Along those lines here are requests (in English) that apparently work for the arts and does not work with any other profession.

Artist goes into a bank. The Banker says "If you ever want to display your work on our walls it would be great exposure for you"

Banker goes into a Art Gallery. Gallery Owner says "If you ever want to give me free banking services I will tell everyone what a great bank you are. It would be great exposure for you."

Sounds good to me....... so I wonder if I can get a new toilet installed if I promise to tell the plumber that I will put a sign on the back of the toilet that says "Installed by Best Plumbing" After all it would be great exposure....

Artist goes into a school The principle says "We are having a arts fair and would love to have you come in and work with the kids. We have no money in the budget for this."

Principle goes to Town Meeting. Artist says "I'd love to have my children educated at your school. Of course I will not vote to give you money to cover your budget."

Wow! This is fun. I like this...

Arts Council says to Artist We have this great idea that follows our mission to support the arts. We are going to give wooden pallets to artists that they can turn into a pieces of art and give away to non-profits so they can generate income.

Artist says to Art Council We have this great idea that will help the community. We know you do not have enough money to support yourself so we feel that instead of going on vacation, volunteer your time at a local non-profit.

hold on.... now it is starting to hurt

Artists need to realize that they need to be compensated for their services and the use of their creations is a service. So when the restaurant asks if you can bring in enough artwork to cover their walls. "It would get you great visibility" Artists should negotiate. At the very least dinner out with the family. If you are decorating service for their walls they can give you a meal. Trade service for service. It's the least they can do.....

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