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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

'Resume'- Wife, Grandma, Antique Collector,... Car Theif"

Worlds of wisdom- "Don't judge a book by its cover" I know this is not news but it really holds true when you are talking about that senior citizens. By appearance they are slow and seemingly feeble but that just helps them to do things we could never get away with.

On the bright side.... once they act irresponsibly they are quick to make it right. Here is a true story of when a friend of mine stole my car.

It was New years Eve and we were invited to a gathering of Church people who get together every year on this evening and play games until the clock clicks over to the next year. This might seem passive but if you happen to be at the table that plays a card game called "Spoons" then watch out. Not unlike a house fire I believe it is a requirement to have the rescue squad on call if you play this game.

Well we had another place to visit before we arrived at this party so when we arrived the parking lot was pretty full. As end of year luck would have it as we drove in another car was leaving and we pulled right into their spot. Since we live in a quaint Vermont village that you don't drive through to get anywhere else we have made a habit of leaving the keys in the ignition. Besides it was -10 degrees and we were sure that most trouble makers were in where it was warm. With the car parked we left it to go inside.

On the way in we met Jan and her mom leaving the party. Now Jan loves to travel collect antiques, and is a Grandmother. Her accomplice, I mean mom is a Great Grandmother. Not people you feel the need to keep an eye on but apparently we were mistaken.

My wife and I quickly got involved in one of the many games being played. About 15 minutes later Jan and her mom came back inside laughing. They came right to me an apologized. You see Jan left the party and stole my car and without even a alcoholic beverage to aid her in this poor decision.

Actually this is what really happened. The car that was leaving just before we arrived was Jan's son who they rode to the party with. These two women went out and got into the car parked in the same spot as the car they arrived in. Since the keys were in the ignition they started it up and drove off. Now as with most people of this generation the mind is the first thing to go. You would have thought that it would have donned on her when she turned to her mom and said " I did not know Jared's car had seat heaters?" You would think she would have seen the necklace hanging from the rear view mirror that my son made when he was 4 and gave to my wife. No to either of these. After she pulled the car into their garage some 3 miles away and got out she saw the Volvo tag on the side of the car when it hit her. "This isn't Jared's car".

Once the shock wore off and she stopped laughing enough to be able to drive again she returned the car. If it wasn't for her honesty we would have never known.... It did reaffirm that we should not judge a book by its cover,

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