Reed A Prescott III

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Little Acts of Kindness"

We take for granted that someone might be watching us. We see it when our kids start to imitate how we act and what we do. So I am taking the challenge to always seek to be good. If we go through life being good then those who we come into contact with might do the same.

I came to this realization one day when I walked out of my house to go get the paper. We had a light dusting of snow that evening but it suprised me to look up and see two perfect hearts looking back at me. When I took a closer look I realized that the matching hearts were left by a car that had turned around in my driveway. Although impressed I started to consider what insignificant action might I be taking that might bring a smile to someone else. I understand that I have little control over how pepole perceive my actions but I have enought faith to believe that whatever I do can be made good...

But if I keep it all good then it is a shorter trip

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