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Monday, June 7, 2010

"Era (are) You Dyslexic?"

Are you dyslexic? I believe I might be and it has caused me a lot of problems. You see, to switch letters and numbers can lead to problems if you are talking to one of those people who take things literally.

Throughout my adult life my dyslexia has kept me very busy. I am on numerous community boards and committees because when asked to be on a board I try to say "NO" but instead I say "ON"

I had to give up paint by numbers years ago because I would paint 21- Brown instead of 12-Blue and the painting never looked right to me with blue tree trunks and a brown sky.

Now there are more people out there Dyslexic than you realize. I am constantly called "Deer", usually by women so can I assume women are more prone to this disorder than men?

My fear is that men also have this disorder which can be very dangerous in Vermont when you are a male and your name spelled back words is Deer. I stay out of the woods in the fall during deer hunting because I don't want to find out my theory is right first hand.

Now there is nothing I can do about my disorder so instead I celebrate the good that comes from it.

1) My paintings have grown to be better than any paint by number you can buy

2) I have built a misguided reputation as someone who is active in the community

3) I save money by not Deer hunting

So at the end of the day I have learned to live with my shortcomings because after all "It's hard being me..... but I get to do it"

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